The ultimate industry solution

Businesses often face the difficult choice between dilution or an unsustainable debt burden when securing their R&D or Grant funding.

SPRK Advances are an alternative, non-dilutive funding source for those businesses. SPRK delivers this by positioning itself as the hub between innovation companies seeking capital, third-party data providers and expert advisers.

R&D advance funding, also known as an R&D tax credit loan, is a simple way for businesses to access their R&D tax credits at any point in the financial year. Grant advance funding, also known as innovation grant funding, is a simple way for businesses to finance their grant awards ahead of incurring expenditures.

SPRK was created by UK innovators for UK innovators; we understand the challenges of fast-growing businesses and are here to support you.

It’s a win win

The SPRK Mission:

Accelerating UK innovation-led growth for SMEs through smart non-dilutive funding solutions.


The SPRK Vision:

To become an integral part of the cashflow solution for all SMEs engaged in innovation, putting these businesses at the centre of everything we do through simple, transparent and cost effective finance.