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Businesses are often faced with the difficult choice between dilution or an unsustainable debt burden to fund their research and development.

SPRK Advances are an alternative, non-dilutive source of capital for those businesses. SPRK delivers this by positioning itself as the hub between R&D companies seeking capital, third party data providers and expert R&D advisers.

SPRK was created by UK innovators for UK innovators, we understand the challenges of fast growing businesses and are here to support you.

It’s a win win

How much of your money could you access?

Don’t wait for your credit. Access it now and stretch every pound up to 20% further.

Calculate your R&D Advance by entering your annual R&D expenditure below


Tax Credit without SPRK £-
Tax Credit with SPRK
AFTER all financing costs
R&D expenditure increase £- -%
R&D tax credit increase £- -%
Expenditure period 1-Jul to 30-Sep 1-Oct to 31-Dec 1-Jan to 31-Mar 1-Apr to 30-Jun
Your R&D expenditure £100,000 £100,000 £100,000 £100,000
SPRK Advance £- £- £-

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SPRK are specialists in R&D finance, and we're here to help you get the most from every pound spent on R&D.

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The SPRK mission

Our mission is to solve the working capital problems of UK companies carrying out R&D. HMRC part solves the problem by providing a tax credit, but it can take 18 months from first expenditure to receive.

A SPRK Advance brings this forward to when companies need it most… now!


The SPRK vision

Our vision is to become part of the funding mix of companies carrying out R&D in the UK. For the first time ever, companies now have non dilutionary capital via a SPRK Advance to add to the traditional funding mix of debt and dilutionary equity.

Am I eligible?

  • Are you a UK business doing R&D?

    Does your company conduct R&D to improve existing products and services? Maybe you’re a start-up with a focus on innovation, or R&D is your core business?

    Yes No
  • Do you meet the government’s criteria?

    You must be a company liable for Corporation tax, have a minimum annual R&D expenditure of £20,000 and conduct at least one activity under the government definition of R&D.

    Yes No
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    Getting started with SPRK is easy, and can be done over the phone or right now, online. For more information on the application process please click here.

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    You may not be eligible right now, but our team of experts may be able to help. Let’s arrange a time to chat.

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