SPRK Announces Appointment of Finance Manager and Business Development Manager

Meeting borrower demand

SPRK, the leading provider of non-dilutive finance to SMEs in the innovation sector, is delighted to announce that Maria Padilla and Sam Mills have joined as Finance Manager and Business Development Manager respectively.

Maria has over fifteen years’ experience in financial accounting with a focus on FinTech lending. She joins from Salary Finance where she was instrumental in managing their financial accounting, loan reporting and cash management. Prior to Salary Finance, Maria held roles at KPMG and PwC.

Sam has over ten years of experience and joins us from MPA, where he was Business Development Manager for their R&D business. Sam has a background in lending with Nationwide Finance and prior to this served as a Special Constable within the police.

Dom Peasley, CEO Sprk said, “We are excited to have Maria and Sam join the SPRK team, as we continue to invest in the business to meet borrower demand.

Sam’s knowledge of the finance and R&D market will be instrumental in assisting our borrowers throught their journey with SPRK. He will also collaborate closely with our SPRK Approved Advisors to increase awareness of our offerings among their advisors and clients.

Maria’s arrival coincides with our continuous efforts to enhance both our internal and external reporting to stakeholders. Her in depth experience of lending platforms means we will continue to be at the forefront of finance.

We continue to see strong demand for SPRK’s advanced funding solutions, including our recently launched Innovation Term Loan product. The addition of Maria and Sam underscores SPRK’s ability to attract top tier talent, further solidifying our position as the go-to resource for SMEs in the innovation sector.”

About Sprk:

SPRK provides SMEs engaged in innovation the ability to release capital from their eligible R&D and Grant spend using its proprietary online platform, ensuring credit decisions are made swiftly with certainty of funding.

Providing loans of up to £1.5m+, SPRK’s unique proposition is designed to optimise cashflow for borrowers through non-dilutive funding with market leading founder-friendly terms.

SPRK offers the ability for companies to borrow against their eligible R&D spend at any point in their financial year and advance fund their innovation grant expenditure, a first for the UK market at institutional scale. Their new Innovation Term Loan enables SMEs to access up to 150% of the R&D spend to fund future investment in innovation.


Sprk Capital
Dominick Peasley, CEO
T: 0800 0025 100

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