R&D Tax Credit Loans: How can they help your businesses

Any innovative business investing in R&D activities may be able to access R&D tax credit loans. This offers a quick and simple route to funds that is much cheaper, and less time consuming than going out and seeking equity. There are lots of advantages for businesses when it comes to applying for R&D tax credit loans, from the resources this makes available to the incentive it can provide for further innovation.

What are R&D tax credit loans?


Businesses that are undertaking eligible R&D activities may be able to claim 33% of the spending on those activities back from HMRC as a cash tax credit. This is available as R&D tax credit loans to any business that meets the eligibility criteria. It can provide a vital source of funding for accelerating the growth prospects of a business and create a source of financing for R&D investments. R&D tax credit loans are available to loss-making companies and can be a very valuable source of working capital cash flow.


How can R&D tax credit loans help businesses?


  • The opportunities to invest further in vital R&D activities – The funding and opportunity to focus more on R&D can transform this aspect of a business, pushing it up the list of priorities, providing vital financial resources and minimising risk. Being able to focus more on R&D can be transformative for the future fortunes of an organisation.
  • No need to wait until the end of the year – The benefit of R&D tax credit loans is that they are available upfront so there is no need for a business to wait until the end of the tax year to receive the cash credit. This means any business can make a difference to cash flow now and extend their cash runway.
  • An opportunity to accelerate growth and bring forward commercialisation plans – R&D tax credit loans support business growth and transformation, not just by being a source of funding but also by driving the most innovative part of the business.
  • Accessible income at a lower cost – For any business that has gone looking for funding in the past, there is no doubt that venture capital and equity funding can be time-consuming and costly. There is also no guarantee of success, no matter how appealing the business and its prospects. R&D tax credit loans offer a much more reliable option when it comes to income and can be substantial – up to 33% of eligible R&D spending. There are so many ways in which this can contribute to ongoing growth for any enterprise.
  • The freedom to focus on R&D – Especially for entrepreneurs and emerging businesses, it’s vital to be able to focus on R&D and the way that this can contribute to ground-breaking progress and discovery. R&D tax credit loans make that possible.


R&D tax credit loans are available to every innovative business engaging in eligible R&D activities – and provide help in a myriad of different ways.


Find out if your business is eligible here.


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