SPRK Announces Appointment of Director of Operations

SPRK a deeper understanding

SPRK, the innovative online provider of R&D tax credit funding, is pleased to announce that Kyp Andronicou has joined as Director of Operations.

Kyp has over 12 years’ experience in financial services with a focus on SME lending and FinTech platform operations. He joins from Funding Circle where he was most recently Head of Investor Services for UK & Europe having held positions including Operations Manager for Capital Markets. Prior to this Kyp held similar roles at Goldman Sachs in both Investor Services and Derivative Operations having obtained a first class degree in Economics.

Dom Peasley, CEO SPRK said, “We are excited to have Kyp join the SPRK team and continue to attract top tier talent at such a pivotal point in our expansion. Having an individual who understands the operational complexities of running an online SME lending platform is vital to the top tier service we provide to our advisors, borrowers and investors.

Having worked alongside Kyp during his six-year tenor at Funding Circle I have seen how his expertise helped to successfully scale the business there.

Speed and certainty of finance for borrowers at SPRK is now combined with an individual who can ensure that we can maintain a world class operations framework for all our stakeholders.”

About SPRK:

SPRK provides SMEs the ability to access cash sooner from their eligible R&D spend using its proprietary online platform, ensuring credit decisions are made swiftly with certainty of funding.

Providing loans of up to £1m+, SPRK’s unique proposition is designed to optimise cashflow for borrowers through a non-dilutionary source of capital without charging upfront fees or ongoing interest payments.

SPRK offers the ability for companies to borrow against their eligible R&D spend at any point in the financial year, a first for the UK market.

Working through a dedicated network of SPRK Approved Advisors, we ensure that SPRK partners with high quality firms who can provide expert advice and facilitate the R&D claims for our borrowers.


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Dominick Peasley,
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