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SPRK Approved Advisors (SAA) are accountants and R&D advisors who understand SPRK’s strategic solution of advancing 70% of these expected credits on a quarterly, or even monthly basis such that the UK Government’s incentives are received when you need it…now.

In fact, a combination of the Government tax credits and quarterly SPRK Advances results in a company getting almost 20% more R&D done, even after the costs of the Advances, for the same budget.

Our team is here to help. We can introduce you to the SAA best suited to your needs, so you can access your money faster.

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SPRK Capital aims to support thousands of SMEs conducting R&D who are expecting a payable credit from HMRC.

We created SPRK to give SMEs more control over their company by allowing them to reinvest their own money back into their R&D programs sooner rather than waiting for HMRC’s tax credit, and thereby avoiding the need to raise more dilutionary capital.

SPRK Capital is the intelligent solution to sustainable R&D and is delivered through a fully digitised platform and frictionless customer experience.

We’re passionate about supporting businesses who are brave and bold in staying ahead of the curve; and who are creating economic growth and opportunities for our country.

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