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For over 20 years HMRC has been providing Research and Development (R&D) tax credits through dedicated schemes to stimulate innovation and growth in the UK small and medium enterprises (SME) market and advance the health of the overall economy.

With credits directly linked to tax return dates, claimants can wait up to 15 months between the time the expense has been incurred and when they receive their credit, putting pressure and stress on business cashflows and growth opportunities.

That’s where SPRK comes in. We advance this credit to you when you need it…now.

How it works

  • GET

    More R&D expenditure

  • AND

    Increased credit

  • OR

    Less capital required
    for the same R&D level

Am I eligible?

  • Are you a UK business doing R&D?

    Does your company conduct R&D to improve existing products and services? Maybe you’re a start-up with a focus on innovation, or R&D is your core business?

    Yes No
  • Do you meet the government’s criteria?

    You must be a company liable for Corporation tax, have a minimum annual R&D expenditure of £20,000 and conduct at least one activity under the government definition of R&D.

    Yes No
  • Great! Let’s start your application.

    Getting started with SPRK is easy, and can be done over the phone or right now, online. For more information on the application process please click here.

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How much of your money could you access?

Don’t wait for your credit. Access it now and stretch every pound up to 20% further.

Calculate your R&D Advance by entering your annual R&D expenditure below


Tax Credit without SPRK £-
Tax Credit with SPRK
AFTER all financing costs
R&D expenditure increase £- -%
R&D tax credit increase £- -%
Expenditure period 1-Jul to 30-Sep 1-Oct to 31-Dec 1-Jan to 31-Mar 1-Apr to 30-Jun
Your R&D expenditure £100,000 £100,000 £100,000 £100,000
SPRK Advance £- £- £-

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Enabling the success of SMEs

More than ever, SMEs are the engine room of the UK economy. Since its inception, over 80% of registrations for the R&D tax credit schemes have been for SMEs who spend more than £31Bn of qualifying R&D expenditure each year.

As an SME owner or business leader, you would know that bridging the gap between spend and refund can hurt many SMEs in the short term, forcing them to raise more dilutive capital or seek out other funding – putting the value of their business on the line to stay a float.

SPRK Capital has solved that problem by creating the SPRK Advance – allowing you to access your funds throughout the year, without the burden of waiting for your expected tax credit more than 15 months down the line.

For businesses For advisors
  • Cash flow is king when you’re starting out or growing

    Starting a business or taking it to the next level requires vision, courage, hard work and most of all, working capital. It costs money to grow. A SPRK Advance is a strategic option to keeping cash flow healthy, leaning on expected credits early rather than seeking external funding options.

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  • Keep control of your business at all stages of your journey

    All too often founders and entrepreneurs face having to accept investor capital in the early stages of business or in growth cycles, diluting ownership and even handing over control of your business out of necessity. SPRK is the clever alternative to this dilutionary capital ensuring you stay in control of your business.

    How could you benefit?
  • Easy and convenient online process for business leaders

    Having worked with businesses of all sizes across multiple markets, SPRK appreciates the value of time for business leaders just like you and has developed a frictionless and cost effective online platform to make accessing a SPRK Advance an easy and convenient experience. Funding can be received within 48 hours of applications being approved.

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