SPRK Grant Advance Funding makes strategic sense

SPRK Grant Advance Funding can support your company with access to capital to fund your innovation spend. SPRK lends against the projected grant-covered costs enabling you to access capital to complete grant milestones. We can advance fund each quarterly or milestone payment at the start of each period to reduce your capital requirements by up to 60%.

We can even help by providing financing terms to assist your grant application. The process is online and easy with straightforward fees, giving you the opportunity to make your capital go further, retain equity and power your innovation.

Grant Advance Funding

  • Access your grant payments sooner with no cash paid upfront
  • Boost cashflow by drawing up to 80% of your quarterly grant costs
  • Reduce capital requirements by up to 60%

Low Cost

  • Establishment fee of up to 1.5%
  • Interest rate of only 1.33%
  • Zero early repayment fees

It’s simple

  • Quick & easy application process
  • Fast approval and funding times
  • Zero interest repayments during term of Advance
  • Repaid from grant payments
  • One set of standardised documents (first ranking debenture) for all Advances

Talk to our experts

SPRK are specialists in Grant finance, and we’re here to help you get the most from your grant award.

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  • The SPRK team were quick to react to our request for an advance against our R&D tax credit claim. They helped us as we headed into a new successful funding round. The whole process was completed in record time being simple and straightforward – I would highly recommend SPRK for this type of funding.

    Leah, CFO
  • We worked with the team at SPRK on the financing of our R&D tax credits through their SPRK Advance product. The experience was seamless and they were able to fund within 24hrs of approval. Impressive FinTech in the lending space. Highly recommend.

    Panos, CFO
  • We were impressed by the R&D Advanced Funding solution offered by the team at Sprk Capital. They were quick to assist, and their online process made the whole application seamless. We’d recommend Sprk to anyone looking for R&D and Grant Advances in the UK. Thank you team SPRK.

    Max, Founder/CEO
  • Simple, low-cost finance for growth. Really easy process & helpful team.

    David, Founder/CEO
  • Really helpful, easy and quick to deal with and very transparent. Highly recommend.

    Andrew, CEO